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IMHO, this is one of the best descriptions of what it means to hold space.

There will be times when you have to release and trust the awakening process.

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A Game of Hearts: Art and Blog post

I am already a little sleepy even if it is only 9pm EST. I grabbed a iced tea and hope that will energize me enough to make it to bedtime without keeping me up at night. 466 more words



It sucks to see the new Nikon Z6 on the coffee table day after day.

I’m threatening myself to get in the truck and head out! 62 more words


To My Friends Of Color

To all my friends of color, I stand with you. Your lives make mine better. Our hearts make the world better. Please know what has happened is sad and sickening. 39 more words

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It's the end of the world....A short story.

The rain falls from the broken clouds turning my yard into a small marsh. I am at my stove cooking eggs to go with my biscuit and bacon. 622 more words

The Slippery Social Media Slope

Everyone reading who reads blogs, Tweets, timeline posts, or watches vlogs and the like is actively involved in social media of some sort. There is a difference between opinion and fact, truth, and lies. 305 more words

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Today I strapped the mask back on my skull and headed for Albertsons for some provisions, my cupboards were looking a bit thin! Of course, I grabbed the ingredients for chili! 19 more words

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