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Sample Junk Mail Letter

Every day, I come home and collect a pile of garbage from my mailbox.  With frustration and sorrow, I dump it all into the recycling bin just hoping that someone will buy the recycled product.  120 more words


Beacon Hill Park

Victoria’s natural playground is closer than you think

There is a natural playground in the heart of Victoria is just minutes away by walking from the downtown core. 188 more words


Unsolicited proposal sparks debate about alternative recycling options for Hamilton's blue box materials

Hamilton politicians want to find out if emerging technologies could change the way blue box materials are processed in the future.

The public works committee, in approving a motion presented by Ward 6 Councillor Tom Jackson, has voted to gather expressions of interest from “alternative technology providers.” 259 more words


Building a new world in the shell of the old

This is the lead article that featured in the paper of our sister project, Alternative Estuary. We’re publishing it here on the Heckler in a bid to build the audience for Alternative Estuary and to encourage activists across the region to start contributing to it. 371 more words


Trump’s Syria reversal is a significant win for good sense - The Washington Post

President Trump, in a rare reversal of a decision, has decided to keep “hundreds” of U.S. troops in northeast Syria to provide “campaign continuity” and stability there as the fight against the Islamic State winds down, senior defense officials told me Friday. 301 more words


The Carbon Footprint Challenge

Laura sits down in front of her computer and activates her webcam. She checks her makeup in the image on her computer and makes a slight adjustment to blush and primps her eyelashes. 1,373 more words

Short Stories

Urbanization in the Developing World

Published on December 29, 2018 on Goodreads

The trend of rural populations moving toward cities has created huge problems in the urban societies of developing countries. 1,584 more words

Class Differences