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Applications of GIS in various fields

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an advanced technology that has revolutionized the way we analyze, visualize, and understand spatial data. GIS has found a wide range of applications in various fields such as healthcare, transportation, environmental management, and many others. 295 more words


AI/ML-Enabled Waste Management: Transforming India's Recycling Industry.

“There is no such thing as ‘away.’ When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.”

India has been confronting a significant waste administration emergency for quite a long time, with quickly expanding measures of waste produced every year. 752 more words


World Vision joins Earth Hour

It’s the #BiggestHourForEarth. Organized by WWF, the #EarthHour is the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment  to raise awareness and inspire collective action against climate change and nature loss. 63 more words

CSR Champions

Weekly Update Issue 1 (20th March - 26th March)

Waterbirds Land Weekly Update – Issue 1

The benefits of wetlands

  1. Wetlands are involved in carbon sequestration.
  2. Wetlands support biodiversity, including keystone species and rare waterbirds.
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Hawks Dancing and Other Signs of Spring

I had a brain fog that needed to be cleared, so I glanced at some e-mails, then took a walk. A thick, medium overcast meant that I didn’t need more than the usual hat and long sleeves. 524 more words

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Where are America’s most toxic watersheds?

Despite the United States passing a Clean Water Act nearly 50 years ago to dramatically reduce pollution and restore America’s waterways, toxic substances are still dumped into many water sources, threatening the health of people and ecosystems. 223 more words


The Formidable 'Friendship' Of A Badger And Coyote Has Excited Scientists

A viral video taken under a California highway captured a playful intimacy between two predators that’s rarely seen by humans.

An unlikely friendship between a Badger and a Coyote has been recorded on camera for the first time ever. 525 more words

Animal Welfare