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Nuclear Waste Flush

Japan’s power company is running out of storage for the radioactive water held in tanks at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant and will have to start dumping it into the Pacific. 64 more words


Hot, hotter ...

This graphic shown in the Guardian today visually demonstrates how the temperatures have changed since 1850. I am not sure how accurate it is or how it was measured or where the data came from but it sure looks quite alarming even if it is only halfway accurate.


Recruiting youngster power

I’ve just come home from the Climate Strike. I hated the crowds and the noise, and my old body is now in pain from having stood around for hours — but I loved the event. 367 more words



With the Swach Bharat campaign at full swing all around the country as Gandhi Jayanti, marking the day the campaign was launched in 2014, is arriving soon. 358 more words


In Today's Climate

In our polarised world, it is perhaps inevitable that young people are being conditioned to blame and attack older generations for the climate crisis. It is more fashionable to opine than to listen (in my opinion, haha!). 337 more words


Abandoned Wildlife in the Cave of Indonesia

A place that is quiet, dark, away from the crowd not always has no benefit for humans. In the dark caves are actually stored various animals, which continue to be pressured by the human needs, but not yet understood the benefits as a whole. 932 more words


Phát hiện lượng rác nhựa khổng lồ tại hòn đảo không người ở giữa Thái Bình Dương

Như chúng ta đã biết, rác thải nhựa có sức “sinh tồn” vô cùng lớn, chúng có thể tồn tại ở ngoài tự nhiên trong hàng trăm, thậm chí hàng ngàn năm mới phân hủy. 790 more words

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