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Dismantling the Barriers of White Supremacy Obstructing Ecological Sustainability Initiatives in Communities of Color


Institutional racism upheld by strong capitalist markets have embedded inequity into the fabric of American society for centuries, disenfranchising entire communities of color; economically disadvantaged communities are therefore largely excluded from mechanisms that would contribute to creating healthier local communities and a more sustainable world. 3 581 more words


What are the 6 "R" of sustainability?

By Bikram Singh, the ambassador of Clean Coast Sardinia with the Erasmus+ program

Reduce: Reduce your waste through different means; pack your lunch, reusable non-disposable, learn to compost, biodegradable options, refillable options, store food without using plastic, eat more whole foods and package-free options, buy second-hand products, shop ethical brands, reusable bags. 534 more words

Seth Klein, "A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency" - Review Essay

I was standing with my young sons on the edge of a cornfield. It was late-December and snowing. We let the dog off her leash and watched as she ran across the field. 252 more words


Beautiful plant bias

Thorn of The Cross (Colletia paradoxa)

It has been reported in New Scientist that researchers have discovered that taller and prettier plants are more likely to be studied by botanists. 306 more words

Mexico’s Future: Green or Gray?

Facing strong pressure from PEMEX’s debts and inefficiencies, Mexico finds itself at an inflection point, potentially giving way for renewables. President Obrador, however, has a different vision of the future.

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