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Jaromir Jagr’s Instagram Post Makes Me Feel Body Shamed

Forget the fact that this man is considered one of the best hockey players of all time. Forget the fact that he has played since 1988. 146 more words


You're Peculiar

It was 1999 (as in “party like it’s…”). I was wearing khakis and a polo shirt, and was about to do a reading of my autobiographical poem… 84 more words


Miss Piggy says:

“Beauty is in the
eye of the beholder–
— and it may be necessary
from time to time to give
a stupid or misinformed
beholder a black eye.”

Howlidays: Conflict Resolution Day

Choppy’s solution really is an easy one. So easy, even a cat could do it!


How Not to Get Hired: A Few Crappy Lines to Add to Your CV

Job seekers spend a lot of time crafting a perfect CV. Well, at least, that’s the idea. Here are some of the oddest CV goofs culled from real-life examples: 289 more words


Middle-aged man earns right to dress himself - for now

My wife hates the way I dress. The shirts and ties I wear to work are okay (just okay, nothing fantastic), but the clothes I wear in more casual circumstances will not do. 488 more words